Afuega'l Pitu White PDO Cheese

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Afuega'l Pitu White PDO Cheese

100% traditional delicacy

The Afuega'l Pitu is a fatty cheese that can be fresh or aged, made with whole cow's milk from the Friesian or Asturian de los Valles breeds and their crosses, with a soft paste obtained by lactic coagulation, white or reddish-orange if paprika is added. This cheese is listed in the written documentation at least since the XNUMXth century as a tax payment currency. Since 2008 it has the Protected Designation of Origin of the European Union.


Weight: pieces of 300 gr. approx.
Ingredients: whole cow's milk.
Features: Truncated cone shape, without kneading and white. Natural rind, variable consistency depending on the degree of maturation of the cheese and the addition of paprika.
Fresh acidic and lactic flavors and aromas are appreciated, reminiscent of butter, which evolve with hints of yeast. In the first stages of maturation, a rather soft and adherent texture is also appreciated that does not allow a clean cut easily with a knife.
Conservation: keep refrigerated between 4º and 6º.
allergens: contains lactose.
Accompaniment: goes well with everything. With fruit or jam, with pasta, with anchovies or ham, it comes in handy to brighten up salads, pizzas, desserts or a good cachopo.


Cheese made in Asturias.
Handcrafted elaboration.

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3 valuations Afuega'l Pitu White PDO Cheese

  1. Lawrence Martin
    I attest that this cheese is made like a century ago, it is a very traditional artisan cheese that in Asturias has already won several awards
  2. Joseph L
    A cheese that is good for everything and that in my opinion has no rival to praise a good salad. It's also very surprising, too much because it sticks to the throat, I think that for the Asturians Afuega el pitu is something like drowning the chicken... better with a little quince heh, heh
  3. Ramon
    Very rich
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Cheese Factory El Viso, Rooms
El Viso cheeses are made with milk from their own cows, which are fed with pastures produced on their farms to which the animals are taken daily. Milking takes place twice a day, approximately every twelve hours. This milk is subjected to a daily analytical control by the Asturias inter-dairy laboratory (LILA), where bacteriology, somatic cells, fats, proteins are analyzed ... All the animals are in turn health controlled.

Quality mark: Artisan cheesemakers.

· Nutritional information/Average values ​​per 100 gr of drained product:
Energetic value 1233 Kj/297 Kcal
Fats 27,0g. Of which saturated 19,2 g
Carbohydrates 3,64 g Of which sugars <0,5 g
18,4 g proteins
Salt 0,87 g

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