Peaks of Europe. the mountains of light

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Peaks of Europe. the mountains of light

Discovering the Peaks

A tour of one of the most beautiful National Parks in Spain.

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The Picos de Europa are a wonderful little place in the north of Spain where the confluence of a series of factors has created unique mountains.
They are massifs of limestone rock on which the erosion of water and ice has shaped a rugged relief, with spectacular peaks, gorges, jous and chasms. Inexhaustible mountains, in which, despite their modest elevation and extension, one could spend a lifetime exploring, climbing and photographing them without exhausting their potential.


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Author: Alberto Lastra
· ISBN: 978-84-125807-9-2
Format: 22 x 22 cm
Pages: 172
· Binding: rustic, with flaps.
· Spanish-English bilingual edition.

Alberto Lastra Cuesta (Gijón, 1973) considers himself a lover of mountains and photography at the same time. His love for the Picos de Europa has led him to travel and photograph them, in search of special places and moments. It is precisely this love that moves him to disseminate the aesthetic and natural values ​​of the Peaks, with the intention of raising awareness about their fragility, and thus collaborate in their conservation. Since it is difficult to keep what is not loved and it is impossible to love what is not known.

His approach to mountain photography is simple: show the mountain in a natural way, following the principle that the photographic technique must be subtle, almost imperceptible in the final image.

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