Picofino Vermouth Gin Fusion

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Picofino Vermouth Gin Fusion

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A recipe from our grandparents: add a few drops of gin to vermouth. We have reinvented it and you are one sip away from giving it a resounding yes.

We start from a monovarietal wine base, macerated in a traditional way with herbs and botanicals. We substitute the cereal or wine alcohol that is added to the vermouth with Picofino Original Gin to reach 15º.

70 cl15% vol

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The different way of elaboration of Picofino Gin Fusion vermouth, leading the wine macerated with herbs with Picofino Original Gin gin, instead of doing it with neutral or vinous alcohol, gives this vermouth a very marked personality.

On the nose it is very complex. A soft liquor is discovered, with sweet and citrus notes, vanilla, anise and cinnamon., even reminiscent of the old cola candies. The gin gives it an elegant touch and the alcohol is very smooth to the smell.

The sweetness of the cinnamon and the initial anise coexist perfectly with the bitterness of the absinthe, which is rounded off by the complexity of the gin, creating a very aromatic and smooth mid palate. Highlight the harmony between the intensity of bitterness and sweetness, the most difficult thing to achieve in a vermouth.

Very dark wine color, almost black, with golden overtones.

Serve cold in a short glass or wine glass, with large ice stones and a citrus twist (better grapefruit or, failing that, orange). Unfilled olives can be added to taste.

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