Picofino Original Gin

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Picofino Original Gin

Our gin is the result of 8 years of clandestine testing looking for a perfect and different gin. It is the soul of the Picofino project and, believe us, it was worth the wait.
Discover a formula of 5 botanical distillations that provides complex aromas, enhanced with citrus hints of grapefruit, Ceylon cinnamon and a licorice maceration That gives it that characteristic tone.

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Make your perfect gin and tonic, take your cocktails to the next level or even dare to drink it alone with ice and a lemon twist, discovering a fine and extraordinary spirit.

70 cl bottle 40% vol

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"Drink in moderation, it's your responsibility"
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  1. Cesar Castillo
    Asturian gin? well yes and it's not bad, a little expensive!! yes indeed
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On the nose, behind a very soft layer of alcohol, the juniper and the citrus and fruit touches of the grapefruit appear very marked. In the background you can see the licorice that is introduced as a maceration, the Ceylon cinnamon and a light herbal touch.

On the palate it is very silky, smooth and elegant. We find a range of citrus aromas enhanced by the distillation of grapefruit and annoyed by botanicals such as cardamom that, together with the distillation of Ceylon cinnamon, gives it a sweet spot, balanced with the bitterness and dryness of the licorice root and intense base of juniper distillate. All this makes the drink very silky in the mouth and somewhat creamy, even inviting, to take it just with a piece of ice and a citrus twist.

Transparent and slightly brown color caused by the liquorice maceration in its production process.

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