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Antonio Álvarez Álvarez, is the eldest of five siblings, he is the son, grandson and great-grandson of a winegrower. The tradition of caring for vineyards is so old in the family that the time of origin is unknown. Knowledge and knowledge has been transmitted from generation to generation, but in Antonio's case, learning has been premature, given that when his father died when he was only 10 years old, he had to take over all the tasks in the field. , the winery and even the family bar.

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Made from the highest quality grapes grown in the Penderuyos plot to which it owes its name: Verdejo Negro, Carrasquín, Alabraín Negro and Mencía. This wine is born from centenary vines Due to their age, they offer low production yields but the highest quality of the grapes.

Its artisanal elaboration, with the utmost care in all phases By maintaining respect for the grape, it gives rise to a fleshy, fruity, complex but at the same time fresh broth.

Its pampered elaboration means that this broth is only marketed in those crops that the optimum quality allows.

It comes in 75 cl bottles.
14,5% vol.

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Made and bottled by Bodegas Antón Chicote - Cangas del Narcea. Asturias.
Cangas Wines PDO.
· Artisan product of Asturias.

The Penderuyos 2019 wine, from the Antón Chicote winery of the Cangas Wine Protected Designation of Origin is one of the eight best wines of the first edition of the Atlantic-influenced wine competition «Atlantic». The young red from Antón Chicote was chosen the best in its category in the blind tasting in which a jury made up of 17 sommeliers from all over Spain and gastronomic experts participated.

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Anton Chicote Winery

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