Asturian bean stew pack 3 servings

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Asturian bean stew pack 3 servings

To make a homemade fabada

Extra quality farm beans. A good "compangu" is essential to make a rich Asturian bean stew. In this pack we offer you the compangu you need for a generous three-portion stew.

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Pack consisting of:
· 1 smoked Asturian chorizo: pork, bacon, paprika, salt, garlic. Credo natural casing wrap.
· 1 smoked Asturian blood sausage: onion, bacon, pig's blood, paprika, corn flour, salt and parsley.
Natural beef casing wrap.
· 1 cured pork belly: pork belly, salt.
Preservatives E-252 and E-250, antioxidant E-301.

Compangu net weight: 250 gr.
Net weight of beans: 300 gr.
Conservation: Store in a cool, dry place.
allergens: Without gluten.

Asturian fabada is our most universal dish. It is made with "farm beans" or "butter beans", large, soft beans with very fine skin, so typical of Asturias that, apparently, it does not thrive in other national orchards. Some people call it a "pillow", it is buttery on the palate when it is well cooked and when soaking it increases its volume considerably.

The beans are cooked slowly next to your compangu. We forgot! The night before we put them to soak in cold water; In another container, in lukewarm water, also soak the bacon, pork shoulder, chorizo ​​... if you prefer to desalinate a little.

The complete recipe and all the tips for you to cook a good stew in our video:

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1 valuation Asturian bean stew pack 3 servings

  1. From Belgium with love
    They taste like glory outside the land
    Fabes from the farm or the priest, I can assure you. I had my doubts but I can verify that they are after preparing them. Well preserved and packaged. The compangu also very delicious.
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· Nutritional information/Average values ​​per 100 gr of drained product:
Energetic value 1970 Kj/476 Kcal
Fats 42g. Of which saturated 16 g
Carbohydrates 3g Of which sugars 1g
21 g proteins
Salt 4,6 g

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Weight : 0,65 kg

Beans from Asturias

Actual weight


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