Networks, step by step

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Networks, step by step

A natural space that leaves you speechless

Two Asturian municipalities, Caso and Sobrescobio, share the setting of the Redes Natural Park, which jealously preserves its wild nature. Its river basins form a dense network of streams and streams that flow towards the Nalón River, the alma mater of the territory.

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Melchor Fernández Díaz says in his prologue: «Redes es the culmination of the beauty of the Asturian mountain because it brings it all together: a rugged profile, with splendid peaks, a superb vegetation cover, with fantastic forests that alternate with beautiful meadows, and that are beautiful at any time of the year ».


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Author: Ángel Fernández Ortega
· ISBN: 978-84-120213-7-0
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 320
· Binding: rustic, stitched, with flaps
· Includes altimetries and cartography

The work proposed here fulfills one of the greatest illusions of its author, to gather all Networks routes in a single publication: the old roads and mountain routes that you have traveled for more than 40 years.

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