hazelnut carajitos

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hazelnut carajitos

A delicious Asturian recipe

Delicious typical Asturian cake, handcrafted one by one with natural ingredients and lots of hazelnuts.

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Weight: 300 gram package. 12 units.
Ingredients: hazelnut, sugar, egg white, salt, preservatives (E200, E202, E281) and acidulant (E330).
Characteristics / Conservation: store in a cool and dry place. If you don't open the package, they will stay delicious until the expiration date.
allergens: nuts and traces of egg yolk.
Artisan products from Asturias.

4 reviews
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4 valuations hazelnut carajitos

  1. Manuel Alvarez
    Asturian had to be
    TOP pasta like all artisan products from Asturias.
  2. Alba Garrido
    Very good
    Too good, for my partner too sweet but for me nothing is too sweet
  3. Pedro
    big sweet
    Exquisite bites, already one of my favorite sweets
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Hazelnut Carajitos Our pastas are made with hazelnut, a nut with great tradition in Asturias. Ideal for breakfast, snack or between meals, any time is good to enjoy these sweet pastas. Exquisite with coffee, and perfect as a gift. Pack of 12 units.

Nutritional information/Average values ​​per 100 g of product:
Energy value 428 Kcal/1.791 Kj
Fats 24,40g. Of which saturated 1,61 g
Carbohydrates 43,45 g Of which sugars 38,75 g
6.61 g proteins
Salt 0 g

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