Green Beans 1 kg.

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Green Beans 1 kg.

The most exclusive bean

A delicate and tender bean, small and subtle green. Excellent option for fresh and very different dishes. It has been a gastronomic jewel in Asturias for years.


Verdinas or "verdines" are legumes that are highly appreciated in Asturias. Due to their very fine and buttery texture, in addition to their delicate flavor, they are usually the queens of recipes with seafood and game dishes. It could be said that it is a "limited edition" bean, scarce but highly demanded in the Principality. It is preferably consumed fresh (green) and pairs perfectly with new expression table cider. You have to try it.

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4 valuations Green Beans 1 kg.

  1. Nuria Molina
    Many years ago I ate them in Asturias with monkfish and clams and I have always wanted to repeat them although I have not had the opportunity to return to Asturias. I am going to try to make them following recipes that have been recommended to me... the beans have arrived in good condition and vacuum packed.
  2. Daniela RL
    I recommend them one hundred percent, I have also followed the video of the recipe that appears here step by step and I have become a superfan of verdinas. I plan to put them this Christmas because it is a very good and very fine recipe, ideal for special occasions
  3. Marian Santos
    Good quality, I have always liked them more than fabada beans, it is another point, more delicate and to the touch they seem like porcelain
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Beans from Asturias

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