Pack «Grandma's cookies»

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Pack «Grandma's cookies»

Delicious artisan cookies

The flavor, color and aroma of these artisan cookies it is 100% natural. Top quality products made in a traditional and sustainable way, without preservatives or added additives, thus obtaining cookies that are not only rich but also perfect for a healthy diet.

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Pack consisting of:
· 1 packet of «Originals»
· 1 package of «Chocolate»
· 1 package of «Apple-hazelnut»

Weight: 1 pack of "Originals" of 340 gr., 1 pack of "Chocolate" of 300 gr. and 1 package of "Apple-hazelnut" of 300 gr.
Ingredients: wheat flour, eggs, sugar, butter and yeast. Chocolate, hazelnut and apple in varieties.
Characteristics / Conservation: As they have no additives, colorants, or preservatives, we recommend that you enjoy them for the first two weeks after opening the package.
If you don't open the package they will stay delicious until the expiration date.
allergens: contains gluten, nuts.

Artisan products from Asturias.

3 reviews
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3 valuations Pack «Grandma's cookies»

  1. loli colomer
    The cookies are spectacular, they taste like a town in love with Rivadesella
  2. Anna Maria Martinez
    The best cookies I have ever eaten in my life
    On one of my trips to Asturias I visited a small workshop. They told me it was a bakery that for financial reasons stopped making bread and started making the best cookies I've ever eaten in my life. It is a family business. Grandma's recipes and with an unbeatable product quality. Just thinking about those cookies makes my mouth water and also the biscuits they make. They are certainly of superior quality just like the people who make them.
  3. ricardo
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Grandma's cookies
This artisan pastry company has made its «Grandmother's Cookies» famous, following an authentic Asturian recipe that wisely and masterfully mixes flour, sugar, eggs and butter.

The batches grow and grow as does his fame. Currently the "Grandmother's Cookies" are marketed in many parts of Spain. Word of mouth and the quality of the product have led this family business based in Sardalla, Ribadesella, to produce an average of 40.000 cookies a week.

This company has quality certification at destination SICTED.

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Grandma's cookies

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