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Gamonéu del Valle PDO cheese

Updated on 28 September 2022
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Gamonéu del Valle PDO cheese

The food of the sheepfolds

The gastronomic cradle of Gamonéu is located in the heart of the Picos de Europa National Park. The cheese matures in natural caves and preserves the aroma of the previous pastoral, transhumant culture, which in spring and summer seeks the high mountain pastures for its native cows, casinas and carreñas, as well as sheep and goats.

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Gamonéu cheese it is made in an artisanal wayFrom the two existing versions, here we offer you cheeses made in the valleys cheese factories.


Weight: pieces of 700 gr. approx.
raw cow, goat and sheep milk, rennet, dairy ferments and salt.
Features: fatty, smoked and cured blended cheese. It is a matured cheese, with a natural rind with slight penicilliun fl owers on the edges. Its interior is white or yellowish-white, with slight blue-green blooms at the edges. Flavor: mild predominance of smoke and a slightly spicy touch. In the mouth it evolves buttery, with a lingering hazelnut aftertaste. Aroma with soft touches of clean and penetrating smoke, increases with maturation.


Conservation: keep refrigerated between 4º and 10º.
allergens: contains lactose.

Handcrafted elaboration.

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5 valuations Gamonéu del Valle PDO cheese

  1. Antonio Castillero Ramirez
    The terrine attracts us
  2. Paula Silva
    I saw the other day on social networks that this is the cheese they cook with at El Molín de Mingo, it has to be delicious. They make it nearby, in Peruyes. They also talked about vegetables from Ribadesella. Proximity raw materials! a 10.
  3. Andres Torres
    One of the best I have ever tasted, very tasty and with the right point of maturation. I recommend it!!
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L`Arbeyal Cheese Factory
Certified producer of Gamonéu del Valle cheese.
It's a little Artisan cheese factory located in Peruyes, council of Cangas de Onís, with privileged views of the sea and the Picos de Europa at the same time. They make their cheeses with a mixture of raw cow, goat and sheep milk from their own livestock.

All their cheeses mature in a cave in the Lakes of Covadonga, in the sheepfold of Teón, which gives the cheese bluish, reddish and greenish tones.

1st prize Onís Cheese Contest 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2015.
1st prize Cangas de Onís Cheese Contest 2014.

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L'Arbeyal cheese factory

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