Cream liqueur Astur los Serranos

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Cream liqueur Astur los Serranos

Fresh milk liqueur and cider brandy

Our liqueurs are the result of a slow and meticulous distillation of selected fruits, continuing since 1895 an artisan formula of family tradition. In our alembics it is carefully distilled, dedicating a special maceration process to the fruit. Since 1895 we have selected the best quality fruits, we work daily with the stills, we age the distillates in oak barrels and we make rigorous compliance with the experience received.

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16% vol. Botella de 70 cl.
Distilled product.

Crafts in your glass. Take alone or with ice.
Los Serranos recommend responsible consumption.

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"Drink in moderation, it's your responsibility"
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3 valuations Cream liqueur Astur los Serranos

  1. Roman Diaz
    I was completely surprised. I immediately appreciated the care and dedication used to make this liqueur. It remains very pleasant in the mouth and is not strong or excessively sweet, just right.
  2. White Aveline
    No Baileys, no Sheridan, no other similar creams, whoever tries this Serrano liqueur would not change it for anything, one hundred percent artisan and genuine like few others.
  3. Luis Flores
    We have tried it for the first time in an Asturian restaurant in Madrid (Calle de Santa Isabel) and it is a delight of texture and flavor.
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Made and bottled by Bodegas Los Serranos, Ribadesella. Asturias.

· Asturian artisan product.

With milk cream, carefully mixed, with selected cider spirits distilled and aged in oak barrels.

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