Brut Poma Aúrea Cider

Updated on 10 July 2023

Brut Poma Aúrea Cider

A sparkling wine with pedigree for the best toast

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Poma Áurea is a 100% natural and 100% Asturian drink, a brut nature in which both carbon dioxide and sugar are endogenous, that is, the result of the fermentation process itself.

For its production, only two traditional Asturian varieties are used, Regona and Raxao, which ferment at low temperature for several months in traditional chestnut wood barrels.

It comes in 75 cl bottles.
6,5% vol.

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Poma Áurea cider is the first brut nature of cider developed by Sidra Trabanco and under the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) "Sidra de Asturias".

· Asturian artisan product.

A first fermentation is carried out in chestnut barrels to obtain natural cider. Subsequently, a second pressure tank fermentation begins according to the Granvás method, which lasts a minimum of 4 months, resulting in endogenous carbon dioxide.

It has a bright, golden, yellow color with abundant and persistent fine-sized bubbles. The smell evokes aromas of apple blossom and wild chamomile, ending with figs and raisins. It has a mild flavor, leaving a harmonious, dry aftertaste with notes of wood.
It is ideal to accompany Asturian cheeses, rice, seafood or fish.


· Pomme D'Or 2014 in Frankfurt (Germany), 2014.
· Silver medal in the 9th “Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition” in Michigan (USA), 2014.
Bronze Medal at the X Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition, 2015 edition.

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Trabanco Cider

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