Cider brandy Los Serranos

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Cider brandy Los Serranos

Quality Recognition by the European Union in 1989 - Award for the Best Brandy at the Nava Cider Festival.

Our spirits are the result of a slow and meticulous distillation of selected fruits, following an artisan formula of family tradition since 1895. From the best selection of Asturian cider -we acquire cider from different Asturian wineries-, slow distillation and aging in oak barrels, which gives it its exquisite flavor and full aroma.

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37,5% vol. Botella de 70 cl.
Distilled product.

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"Drink in moderation, it's your responsibility"
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2 valuations Cider brandy Los Serranos

  1. inigo santamaria
    surprising distillate
    I was very pleasantly surprised and I really enjoyed drinking it ice cold. It is noted that the cider used to make it is of high quality. The fantastic result and nothing sweetened.
  2. Arturo Diaz
    As far as I know, it has no rival because it is unique in its kind.
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Made and bottled by Bodegas Los Serranos, Ribadesella. Asturias.

· Asturian artisan product

In 1989 we were able to pass the tests and the official inscription of «Asturias cider brandy», before the EEC's oenological analysis committee, together with the Calvados and Eau-de-vie de cidre from Bretagne, Maine and Normandie.

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Weight : 1,46 kg

Los Serranos Wineries

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