Three milk curd cheese with blueberries

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Three milk curd cheese with blueberries

A fruity touch

Very pleasant flavor, fresh in the mouth, but with an intensity that combines perfectly with the bittersweet touch of blueberries. In the cut of the cheese, not very clean because it is a semi-fresh cheese, you can see the blueberries. It is very versatile to use in baking., in the preparation of mousse or cheesecake, although also ideal to taste alone, or incorporate into fresh cheese salads.


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Exotic semi-fresh Asturian cheese made with mixture of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milkAnd with natural and whole blueberries. A new generation cheese in which the intense flavor of the cheese is mixed with the bittersweet touch of the blueberry, resulting in a delicious Asturian cheese.


Weight: pieces of 500 gr approx.
Ingredients: made with pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments and natural blueberries.
Features: semi-fresh cheese. Maturation: 10-15 days.


Conservation: keep refrigerated between 2º and 8º, although we recommend tempering the product for about thirty minutes before eating it out of the fridge in order to enjoy all its flavour.
allergens: contains lactose. Without gluten.

Artisanal elaboration. No coloring or preservatives.
The Tierra de Tineo curly tres leches cheese with blueberries is presented wrapped in food-grade paper, in 500-gram pieces.


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Dairy Industries of the Principality SL is a family business that was created in 2004 with the objective of developing high quality artisan cheeses, taking advantage of the quantity and quality of raw materials that our geographical location provides us. We talk about Tineo council, with the largest assigned dairy quota in Spain with a multitude of livestock farms run by small producers, who continue with traditional livestock breeding and feeding techniques. The cattle graze in semi-freedom, feeding on the high-quality pastures that southwestern Asturias provides us with. All of these farms are around 800-1.000 meters of altitude.

After two years of technical training and research, we developed our products and began marketing in early 2007.

Producer data:
Dairy Industries of the Principality SL
Polígono la Curiscada 53. 33877 Tineo (Asturias)

Nutritional information/Average values ​​per 100 gr of drained product:
Energetic value 1111,5 Kj/265,9 Kcal
Fats 21,5g. Of which saturated 12,1 g
Carbohydrates 2,4 g Of which sugars 2,4 g
15,7 g proteins
Salt 1,58 g

Cow's milk 80%, goat's milk 10% and sheep's milk 10%.

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Dairy Industries of the Principality SL

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