Cabrales and Gamonéu PDO cheeses

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Cabrales and Gamonéu PDO cheeses

From the caves of the mountains and the pastoral sheepfolds

They are two cheeses that summarize the transhumant pastoral culture of Asturias, and that are a clear example of the quality of the most important cheese stain in Europe according to many experts. Two-piece pack: a piece of Cabrales cheese (600 gr.) and another of Gamonéu cheese (550 gr.). Approximate weights because, as they are artisan cheeses, they do not always weigh exactly the same.


Cabrales cheese It has become one of the hallmarks and the ambassador par excellence of Asturias in the rest of the world.
It is made from raw cow's milk throughout the year and during the months of June and July it is mixed with milk from sheep and goat.

In the caves the cheese matures for two to five months. Inside there is a cool temperature and high humidity (relative humidity of 90% and temperature between 8º and 12º C.)

Gamonéu cheese born in the heart of the Picos de Europa National Park. Its artisan production involves mixing the milk of the herd from the two milkings, morning and afternoon, obtaining an acid curd the next day. It is cured in natural caves in the mountains, where it will remain for two months until the slightly smoked bark with the entered is covered in the cave with an intense moldy veil of reddish, gray and greenish tones.

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3 valuations Cabrales and Gamonéu PDO cheeses

  1. jordi
    Gamonéu is a smoked cheese that I had never tried, but it is better to remove the rind and not eat the mould.
  2. Quique Sanchez
    double the cheese
    The best thing about buying the two best Asturians together is that they last twice as long lol
  3. Pedro
    Fantastic option this lot. I couldn't tell which of the two is richer.
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Red Prieto Cheese Factory
Certified Cabrales Cheese maker.
Manufacturer code: 0154
Canals, Cabrales.

L`Arbeyal Cheese Factory
Certified producer of Gamonéu del Valle cheese.
It is a small artisan cheese factory located in Peruyes, council of Cangas de Onís.

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Red Prieto Cheese Factory

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