Cabrales cheese PDO 2,5 kg

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Cabrales cheese PDO 2,5 kg

Quesería Rojo Prieto. Gold medal World Cheese Awards 2021

Cabrales cheese has become one of the hallmarks and the ambassador par excellence of Asturias in the rest of the world. It is made from raw cow's milk throughout the year and during the months of June and July it is mixed with sheep's and goat's milk. In the caves the cheese matures for two to five months. Inside there is a cool temperature and high humidity (relative humidity of 90% and temperature between 8º and 12º C.)


Weight: 2,5kg pieces. approx.
Ingredients: raw cow, goat and sheep milk, rennet and salt.
Features: soft, thin, unctuous bark of gray color with yellow-reddish areas.
Paste with an unctuous consistency, with different degrees of cohesion, compact and without eyes.
Conservation: keep refrigerated between 5º and 6º.
allergens: contains lactose.


Blue cheese made in Asturias.
Handcrafted elaboration.

It is best to eat it drinking strong wines, spirits, ciders and marcs. And the best thing is to learn to savor it, eat it wisely and a little culinary wisdom, because eating Cabrales cheese is not just anything. Take advantage!

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9 valuations Cabrales cheese PDO 2,5 kg

  1. Anita
    Very well
    I don't understand much about Cabrales but I found it to be of very good quality, very creamy. . Correct product maintenance.
  2. Lorraine watered down
    great cheese
    full of flavour. very fast shipping and well vacuum packed. If I have to put a but it is that there is no way to finish it two and a half kilos of cabrales are too many. Best for sharing or giving away wedges with family or friends.
  3. Laurence B.
    Highly recommended
    I love blue cheeses, but the cabrales is spectacular. Its strong, penetrating aroma and sharp, acidic, slightly salty taste. The cheese making process starting from farmers collecting milk from cows, sheep and goats in the mountains and ending with maturation in caves using natural penicillin spores occurring in the caves. They send it to you vacuum packed and is a good brand
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Red Prieto Cheese Factory
Certified Cabrales Cheese maker.
Manufacturer code: 0154
Canals, Cabrales.

Gold medal at the World Cheese Awards
, held in Oviedo in 2021.
4.079 cheeses from a total of 40 countries were presented. It is the most recognized international cheese competition on the continent, organized by The Guild of Fine Food, the World Cheese Awards have brought together professionals dedicated to cheese for decades.

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Weight : 2,80 kg

Red Prieto Cheese Factory

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