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Asturian Casadiellas

Updated on 19 December 2022
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Asturian Casadiellas

A very rich nut candy

Delicious typical Asturian cake, handcrafted with natural ingredients and lots of nuts.

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Weight: 300 gram package. Package of 6 units.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, walnuts, hazelnuts, sugar, vegetable margarine, salt, preservatives (E200, E202, E281) and acidulant (E330).
Characteristics / Conservation: keep in a cool and dry place.
If you don't open the package they will stay delicious until the expiration date.
allergens: Contains wheat gluten and nuts.

Artisan products from Asturias.

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  1. Ainoa Fernandez
    Taste of the old
    Sevillian, daughter of Asturian parents, raised in Barcelona where I have many memories and friends. Currently living in Valencia, and the casadielles accompanying me all my life, my grandmother and my mother also made them in the shape of a dumpling. It's nice to be able to have this traditional flavor within reach that is so similar to the ones I remember. Thank you!!!
  2. Anton Glez
    Delicious, being out of the tierrina and being able to buy casadielles online is the best. And the dough with consistency, like the ones from before.
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Asturian Casadiellas
Its elaboration It is typical of the Carnival parties although it is a dessert that can be found at any time of the year and in almost all Asturian sweet shops, especially in the central area and in the mining valleys. This sweet is related to the classic Roman nucatus that was prepared with flour, honey and nuts. , and possibly the word casadiella is derived from the Latin term capsella (ʻlittle boxʼ), which somehow defines the form and method of making this dessert.

Pack of 6 units.

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