Asturian Brewing Company Beers

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Asturian Brewing Company Beers

Triple toast

Without losing the essence of what is natural, this craft brewer leaves behind any type of preservatives and additives, achieving flavors, aromas and sensations that are very different from those of industrial breweries.

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Pack of three craft beers, ideal as a gift, in a comfortable cardboard box decorated with the characteristic triple arch of pre-Romanesque art.

· 33 cl bottle. Raposa (Brown Ale)
Flavor of roasted malt and soft notes of coffee, caramel and nuts.
Brown Ale 5.8º 26 IBU

· 33 cl bottle. De Salas (Blonde Ale)
It is refreshing, bright with a smooth flavor.

· 33 cl bottle. Hop Ganster (American Pale Ale)
The American hops with which it is made provide it with a citrus flavor and a bitterness of 30 IBUs.
Medium body and smooth finish.


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Asturias Brewing Company brews its beers in Riaño, Langreo.
All 100% natural, without coloring or preservatives, with the best hops.

· Artisan product of Asturias.
They come in 33 cl bottles.

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