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Unique routes and experiences

In a single day there are many experiences in Asturias. Why go alone in search of a beautiful waterfall when, in addition, you can also discover an old mill by the river or a sandy area where the tides and the wind carved the flag of a pirate ship in stone. Asturias is a journey that does not stop.

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And between comings and goings along its roads, paths and alleys, we also make stops to eat in unique bars and restaurants, many traditional, others more innovative, and all in rural areas. Because also Asturias falls in love and creates addiction for the palate and the stomach, How to deny it?

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  1. Rebecca L.
    Very good guide
    For those of us like me who are regulars in Asturias and like to continue discovering more hidden corners, the guide is almost essential, since I have not seen many of these corners in other guides. It also recommends places to eat near the places you visit. The editing is very good and the photographs are beautiful.
  2. Rosary
    Missing things in the book
    I have missed a map of Asturias and an index of the towns and places that appear in the book. It was very difficult to locate places that he remembered reading about. The book is very nice but it is impractical for someone who comes to Asturias with little time. I was a week.
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Author: Ana Paz Paredes
· ISBN: 978-84-122634-5-9
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 288
· Binding: rustic, flaps, matt laminated, sewn.

Ana Paz Paredes is a journalist and writer. His professional beginnings were in Antena 3 Radio, from where he went to the newspaper El Correo de Asturias. She was press officer of the Association of Hospitality of the Principality of Asturias and later joined the staff of the newspaper La Nueva España, where she works in the Asturias section. He is a specialist in rural issues of all kinds, gastronomy and tourist routes in the region.

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