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Honey Bee from the chestnut Sella

Updated on 28 February 2022

Honey Bee from the chestnut Sella

Honey from the forests of Asturias

The bees of "MIel Abeja del Sella" collect the nectar of the flowers in the mountains and forests of the Sella and in the foothills of the Picos de Europa, a genuine environment of Asturias that allows them to produce a handmade honey, keeping all its properties intact.

A very healthy way to sweeten a dessert, to have a coffee with a special touch or the secret ingredient of a recipe that becomes haute cuisine...

8,90 - 14,90 VAT included

1 kg.500 gr.

Conservation and consumption: Due to its purity, this honey can have a crystallization process; to consume it liquid it must be heated to less than 40º C.


Raw unpasteurized honey, artisan and natural 100%.
Chestnut honey
rich in heather and blackberry.

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Weight 0.360 kg

1 kg., 500 gr.


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