Alice Cider

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Alice Cider

"Author" natural cider

An aromatic cider with fruity and citrus touches and a flavor in which the typical acidity of this drink predominates.

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Alice is one soft cider with fine needle and a crystal color that is presented in a glass in a very elegant way.

For its elaboration, they have used “Martina” apples from their own family apple plantation. It is a variety practically forgotten and recovered after years of study in the field. For this reason, its production will be carried out exclusively in those years in which all the production conditions that Samuel Trabanco requires for this new product are met, taking into account the weather and the ripening of the apples that are selected on the family farm. of the Paraya in Lavandera.

It comes in 75 cl bottles.
Thought and elaborated especially for its consumption in a glass.

6,5% vol.

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"Drink in moderation, it's your responsibility"
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3 valuations Alice Cider

  1. Jose Ortega Morales
    natural cider without sugar
    I recommend it for people with diabetes. Especially type II. Cider without sugar To serve in a glass. Simply delicious. A real treat for the cider drinker. As always drink in moderation.
  2. Antonio Soler
    I find it very well priced on this website and I have already ordered it several times. It's great, I recommend serving it in a wine glass to savor it well. It is a very fresh cider with a slight carbon dioxide that is valid both for appetizers and for serving during a meal.
  3. Ruben gomez
    A luxury like everything Trabanco does, they innovate with great respect for tradition. A ten
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Alice is one cider made by Sidra Trabanco.

· Artisan product of Asturias.

Slow in back pressure tanks. This deposit allows us a closed fermentation in which we can control the pressure exerted by the carbon dioxide typical of natural cider. This is how a clean and bright cider clarified by cold decanting is achieved.

Very aromatic with hints of fruit, citrus and a flavor in which the typical acidity of cider predominates.
Sensation in the mouth of freshness due to a subtle carbonic note. Bright pale yellow.

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Trabanco Cider

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