Muscovites white chocolate

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Muscovites white chocolate

The most famous white sweet in Asturias

Fine pastes of marcona almond y white chocolate coating. They are made "one by one" in a totally artisan way following the original recipe of the old Rialto confectioners. The raw materials used are selected following the most demanding quality criteria.

A single format, prepared to satisfy authentic Muscovites lover!!

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· Box of 160 grams. containing approximately 15 Muscovites.

Conservation and consumption: Store in a cool and dry place (recommended between 14ºC and 18ºC). Best before date: 90 days from the date of manufacture.
Allergens: It contains gluten, milk and derivatives, nuts and derivatives.

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  1. elsa rguez
    there is nothing like it
    I usually give them away when I have a commitment, and I always do it with sorrow and pain because I really want to keep them, so delicate and crunchy they are a real vice.
  2. Pedro M
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For more than 80 years the Moscovitas® have been elaborated one by one in a totally artisan way following the original formula of the old Rialto confectioners and using only in their composition 100% natural raw materials.

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Muscovites Confectionery Rialto

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