Muscovite nougat

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Muscovite nougat

The most famous nougat in Asturias

"Muscovite nougat" is covered with milk chocolate, "Dark muscovite nougat" is covered with dark chocolate, both are made with selected marcona almond.

Tablets intense flavor and high level I confer. A real discovery for this Christmas.

Made in a completely artisan way following the original recipe of the old Rialto confectioners. The raw materials used are selected following the most demanding quality criteria.

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· Box of 260 grams. approximately.

Conservation and consumption: Store in a cool and dry place (recommended between 14ºC and 18ºC). Best before date: 90 days from the date of manufacture.
Allergens: It contains gluten, milk and derivatives, nuts and derivatives.

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3 valuations Muscovite nougat

  1. Esther
    On high demand
    Difficult to buy online due to lack of stock
  2. Sarah D.
    super nougat
    I have already bought several tablets of this super nougat!! before it runs out (which won't take long), the shipment is correct and the price reasonable.
  3. Sempere
    A luxury
    Last year I bought three tablets and I was left wanting more, if you give it away at Christmas you triumph over all of them, but from what I see it is scarce because there is not always stock
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The master confectioners of Rialto (an outstanding workshop of the Principality of Asturias) make the nougat in a completely artisan way, using only in its composition 100% natural raw materials.

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Classic Muscovite Nougat, Dark Muscovite Nougat


Muscovites Confectionery Rialto

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