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favorite contents of Asturias
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Asturian pairing lot

Updated on 19 January 2022

    Asturian pairing lot

    Very good craftsmanship

    Great batch of extra quality products to give away or enjoy at home with a typical Asturian aperitif. All are products of high gourmet value, made with the best raw materials and artisan patience.

    35,45 VAT included

    10000 in stock

    Products including:
    · Valverán ice cider.
    · Cabrales Cheese «Rojo Prieto». 700 gr. approx.
    · Agromar scorpion paté.

    Products made in Asturias.
    Quality artisan products.


    · Cabrales Cheese from the Rojo Prieto Cheese Factory
    Certified producer of Cabrales Cheese. With Gold medal at the World Cheese Awards, held in Oviedo in 2021.

    · Valverán ice cider [20 apples] is the bet for a special table cider concept that today triumphs in the best restaurants in the world. A product that takes more than two years to reach the market and whose elaboration requires demanding temperature controls to reproduce in the press the effects that frost would have on the ointment. Only an exclusive limited edition is bottled.

    · Scorpion paté Conservas Agromar, a centuries-old tradition that reflects the good work of the Asturian canning industry. The scorpionfish, as it is called in Asturias, is a high quality red fish covered with thorns, widely used in the preparation of pâtés and stews.


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