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Asturian mythology

Updated on 3 October 2022
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Asturian mythology

A tour to special places

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This book proposes a series of places that can be visited throughout Asturias, surrounded by that immaterial burden that is the myth. They are all who are, but not all who are. We have selected those myths that left their mark on the collective memory of our countrymen linked to specific places. Places with legend fruit of the collection of oral tradition, transferred to paper and with which we hope you enjoy and that you get to listen to them if you visit them.


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· Author: Alberto Álvarez Peña
· ISBN: 978-84-948618-8-8
Legal Deposit: AS 00838-2019
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 112
Rustic cover, sewn, with flaps
Collection: Asturias

Alberto Alvarez Pena is an Asturian writer, ethnographer, cartoonist and illustrator of works. this writer focuses mainly on books on Asturian mythology.He is a member of the Belenos Ethnographic Studies Council. Within his work as an illustrator, this cartoonist covers all kinds of works.

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