Asturian menu lot

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Asturian menu lot

Very good craftsmanship

Great batch of extra quality products, to give away or enjoy at home a typically Asturian menu. All are products of high gourmet value, made with the best raw materials and artisan patience.

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Products including:
· Asturian bean stew pack 3 servings.
· Natural sparkling cider Poma Áurea.
· Agromar stuffed onions.
· Roll of bonito Agromar.
· Agromar spider crab pate.

Products made in Asturias.
Quality artisan products.

Sale for people older than 18 years of age  SALE RESTRICTED TO OVER 18 YEARS OLD
"Drink in moderation, it's your responsibility"
3 reviews
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3 valuations Asturian menu lot

  1. Alvaro
    Quantity and quality
    Very happy with the quantity, quality and service. Very attentive and helpful in solving our doubts through the chat.
  2. Susana
    Perfect for a family meal
    The beans were very good but I was very surprised by the tuna roll and the stuffed onions. It is seen that there is a good hand in those preserves. In addition we have eaten five more than enough with this batch. Thank you!!
  3. Jose Prieto
    Beans with capital letters
    Asturian fabes of the good ones, the rest also very tasty
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· The best cider: The first Asturian apple brut nature developed by Trabanco: Golden Poma, is a sparkling natural cider under the Protected Designation of Origin "Sidra de Asturias". THE best toast.

· «Unes good beans»: "Farm beans" and "compangu" of extra quality to sit at the table and enjoy good food.

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Weight : 4,50 kg

Gourmet Products Asturias

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