Forty cheeses, forty dishes

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Forty cheeses, forty dishes

Asturias, cheese stain par excellence

Beyos, Cabrales, Canal de Ciercos, Casín, Caxigón, Cueva de Llonín, Cuevas del Mar, Chivita, Don Gonzalo, Frescu de Porrúa, Gamonéu del Puerto and del Valle, La Collada, La Peral, Monje ... and so on until 40 cheese varieties that are made in Asturias.

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Each of them with a technical sheet where they explain the type of milk they use, the type of production if it is traditional or industrial, its characteristics, location of the product and a broad description of its qualities. An unpublished recipe is also incorporated into the Asturian culinary library.


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· Author: Lluis Nel Estrada Álvarez
ISBN: 84-934027-5-3
· Format: 15 x 21 cm.
Pages: 208
· Binding: laminated covers, glossy paper. Printed in full color.

The book goes from the general to the particular. Cheese in history, also cheese in Asturias. The book not only develops the great variety of cheeses that this land shelters, but also an interesting and rich list of culinary proposals, in the form of recipes, in which Asturian cheeses are the protagonists.
In turn, the end of the book describes the most important events related to Asturian cheeses and label them.

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