Asturian aperitif pack

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Asturian aperitif pack

Very good craftsmanship

Great batch of extra quality products to give away or enjoy at home with a typical Asturian aperitif. All are products of high gourmet value, made with the best raw materials and artisan patience.

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Products including:
· Valverán ice cider.
· Caviar from Agromar seashells. (Net weight 68 gr.)
· Agromar spider crab pâté. (Net weight 100 gr.)
· Agromar bugre pâté. (Net weight 100 gr.)
· Agromar scallop pâté. (Net weight 100 gr.)


Products made in Asturias.
Quality artisan products.

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"Drink in moderation, it's your responsibility"
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5 valuations Asturian aperitif pack

  1. Soriana
    In my opinion, the best is the caviar of oricios and the ice cider, I have not caught the point of the spider crab pâté
  2. Adolfo Pena
    100% Gourmet
    The pâtés are very good and the seashell caviar is unbeatable, despite the fact that they are small cans, they are all very well used. Quality/price I think satisfactory because we are talking about products for demanding palates. I hope my comments will not encourage you to raise prices.
  3. Solar Paquita
    assorted original
    Very good on delivery. The quality products we liked the flavor and the pairing with the ice cider
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· Valverán ice cider [20 apples] is the bet for a special table cider concept that today triumphs in the best restaurants in the world. A product that takes more than two years to reach the market and whose elaboration requires demanding temperature controls to reproduce in the press the effects that frost would have on the ointment. Only an exclusive limited edition is bottled.

· Canned Agromar Patés, a centuries-old tradition that reflects the good work of the Asturian canning industry.
Variety of very seaworthy pates and "the jewel in the crown": the caviar of orices.

· Caviar of orices: Sea urchin roe (Paracentrotus lividus) and salt The roe is extracted manually, with great care and then packed as it is in the shell after being collected from the cliffs, rocks and sea beds of our Cantabrian Coast. They are 100% Asturian sea bites!

Pate with net weight 100 gr. and caviar of oricios 68 gr.

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Weight : 2,10 kg

Gourmet Products Asturias

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