Tres Leches Pría wedge cheese 1.100 gr.

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Tres Leches Pría wedge cheese 1.100 gr.

An authentic cheese on the rise throughout Asturias

El Tres Leches cheese from Pria It is a white cheese that is made from pasteurized cow's milk, sheep's and goat's milk, it is a matured and smoked cheese, the milk used originates from Spain.


Weight: wedges of approximately 1.100 gr.
Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk (50%), sheep's (45%), goat's milk cream (5%), common salt, rennet, lactic ferments, preservatives: egg lysozyme and E-252.
Features: Pasta with a semi-hard and buttery consistency with eyes, a balanced aroma and notes of nuts.
Conservation: keep refrigerated between 5º and 10º.
allergens: Contains lactose and egg.


Cheese made in Asturias.
Handcrafted elaboration.

It is a perfect cheese as an ingredient in fresh salads, to make sauces or cook as it provides very rich nuances. If taken alone or accompanied by more Asturian cheeses, it can be enjoyed with white wine and sweet apple.
Enjoy your meal!

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4 valuations Tres Leches Pría wedge cheese 1.100 gr.

  1. alberto rome
    at your point
    Cured and fresh at the same time, smooth and powerful at the same time. It is a very balanced cheese that has surprised me a lot.
  2. White AL
    One of the best Asturian cheeses I've ever tasted, superior!!
  3. Lorraine F.
    Rich and spreads a lot
    This kilo wedge spreads a lot... apparently because if you leave it in the kitchen the little mice will eat it... my children loved it and even though the cheese has a strong flavor, it seems cheap to me for the "gourmet" quality that It has but if you could lower the price of shipping costs, I ordered from the Balearic Islands and it goes a bit... thanks
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Inés Granda SA Cheese Factory
The Weight of Pria, Llanes.

Cheese factory founded in 1938.


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