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Cabrales cheese PDO 2,5 kg

Quesería Rojo Prieto. Gold medal World Cheese Awards 2021

Cabrales cheese has become one of the hallmarks and the ambassador par excellence of Asturias in the rest of the world. It is made from raw cow's milk throughout the year and during the months of June and July it is mixed with sheep's and goat's milk. In the caves the cheese matures for two to five months. Inside there is a cool temperature and high humidity (relative humidity of 90% and temperature between 8º and 12º C.)

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Green Beans 1 kg.

The most exclusive bean

Verdines or "verdines" are legumes that are highly appreciated in Asturias. Due to their very fine and buttery texture, in addition to their delicate flavor, they are usually the queens of recipes with seafood and game dishes. It could be said that it is a "limited edition" bean, scarce but highly demanded in the ...

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