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When you first pick up a bow to shoot an arrow, without realizing it you are performing an activity almost 25.000 years old. This activity dates back to the Paleolithic: cave paintings depict hunting scenes, which shows that the bow had a marked utilitarian character at this time.

The bow and arrow have always been fundamental tools for the survival of humanity.

For example, small bows were easier to handle from a horse or chariot, while large bows were ideal for taking down targets at a great distance or even within a fortified camp. Nowadays it is a precision sport.

At our shooting range you can shoot up to 40 meters away. depending on the characteristics of the participants.

Upon arrival at our facilities our monitor will give you instructions about the technique and safety of this sport.

  • Duration: 1 hour.
    • Archery
    • Archery
    • Archery
    • Archery
    • Archery
    It can be done from March 28 to September 30.

  • Holy Week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Schedules from 10.00:14.00 a.m./16.00:20.00 p.m. and from XNUMX:XNUMX p.m./XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

  • From Easter until June 24.
  • Only groups of more than 20 people.

  • From June 24 to September 7 every day.
  • Schedules from 10.00:14.00 a.m./16.00:20.00 p.m. and from XNUMX:XNUMX p.m./XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

  • From September 8 until the end of that month.
  • Only weekends.

  • Explanation.
  • Equipment and material
  • Monitor.
  • RC Insurance
  • Don't forget:

  • Comfortable clothing and sports shoes.
  • Do not exclude warm clothing, raincoat, windbreaker, etc.
  • Show up at reception 10 minutes before the established time to start the activity.
  • Once the reservation is formalized, you will receive an email with the receipt of your reservation, the telephone number and contact information of the adventure company.. A reference company in the sector.

  • + 7 years. (Always depending on the strength of the minor).

  • Punctuality is requested.

  • The monitors reserve the right to not allow access to the activity or to invite those who do not comply with the established rules of respect and safety to leave the facilities.

  • A change of date/time may be requested at least one week in advance.

  • The activity may be suspended depending on the weather and postponed to another date.

  • The amount of the reservations will be refunded if the cancellation is communicated before 48 hours of the reserved activity.. If this period is not met, the amount paid will not be returned.

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