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*The Photo gallery It will be the responsibility of the establishment, providing good quality images that are their property. If you need it, can make a complete photographic report from € 65

Responsive website with its own domain and independent SEO structure

High positioning in search engines, correct visualization on different platforms and screens. A standard format will be used, not exempt from certain customization based on the characteristics of the company, the corporate brand and its own services offered. The navigation menu includes between 4 and 8 web sections: home page (with the possibility of video with autoplay in the header), company, services, environment (with reports on the area taken from, rates and offers, location and contact (with map, contact details and request form for Bookings).

website updatable

Through it administration panel used to update your advertising space, with the possibility of editing and modifying contact details, services and features, offers and promotions, rates, seasons, menus and daily menus (in the case of restaurants). When you update your advertising information on, the information on your standard web page will be automatically updated.

Thirdparty services

The standard web page synchronized with allows the inclusion of the location, through google maps, and direct links to your social networks; It also allows you to incorporate statistical monitoring in "google analytics" or include user comments and opinions through "google reviews". In both cases, the company must have a Gmail account and a free Google Business profile.

There are other possible incorporations of third-party codes, through "widgets" and javascripts, such as those used by the most widespread online reservation platforms. Ask us your questions about it.

First year

The first annual fee includes the preliminary design and optimization work for the web structure, the cost of the domain and the HTTPS secure protocol, hosting on the server, and also the advertising space on

390 € plus VAT

successive years

The annual fee from the second year onwards includes domain and hosting expenses, as well as advertising on and the administration panel to simultaneously update the advertising and web information.

250 € plus VAT

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