Beaches of Verdicio, Aguilera and Carniciega

Beaches of Verdicio, Aguilera and Carniciega

The green beaches of Gozón

Beaches of Verdicio, Aguilera and Carniciega

The green beaches of Gozón

The sea that forces steep cliffs of rock in the coast of the center of the Principality, seems to surrender in the low littoral, in beaches like these where the rocks that outcrop are rather perpendicular limits to the ocean, and not a firm barrier to the waves. Beaches so open to the Bay of Biscay that are dangerous for the bathroom on many occasions. Maybe this is their greatest merit: the naturalness with which they receive us for Enjoy the sea in its wild condition.

Photos provided by Benjamin Suarez.

Latitude: 43.6263199 Length: -5.8761406
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In the times of unbridled urbanism, the council of Gozón has the privilege of having a protected coast, green and immaculate, where they bloom natural beaches like the three to which we are going to refer, united as three consecutive pearls in a marine necklace.

The beaches of Verdicio, as they are known, are authentically green, both in the amphitheatres of immense padros that precede them, and in the tonality of the water, greenish blue, limpid and surprising that lie ahead. Aerie It is a cove of sand and rocks, recondite, in which naturism is usually practiced. It has a length of 400 meters, and on the sand stand out large rocks from the cliff collapse. In front of it is the Bermeo island. A rocky spur in the eastern zone that divides the cove into two others. At low tide it joins its neighbor sandy: the Carniciega Beach, that in the center of this triad teaches us peacefully its golden sand and the moderate waves. It is also known as the beach of Barquera, perhaps because it was used as a fishing port in antiquity. It has road access and contains an important dune set, in addition to constant rock splashes in very beautiful outcrops. Its length is 350 meters and at low tide it is also communicated with the third pearl: the Beach of Tenreru or Verdicio, the most popular of them all and the most popular.

It covers some 330 meters, with a total area of ​​about 90.000 square meters at low tide, and is very well equipped, with daily surveillance during the summer and hotel establishments in its vicinity. Like La Carniciega, it contains a prominent dune set. The water quality is excellent, although the bathroom is still dangerous here. At high tide the waves break strongly on the shore. In good conditions the sea produces very powerful left waves with hollow sections which makes it one of the surfing beaches of Asturias.

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Surfing in Asturias

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This group of beaches is located to the west of the majestic Cabo Peñas, at just 5 kilometers, being Verdicio and San Martín de Podes the reference locations. All are integrated in the coastal strip of the council of Gozón that in 1995 was declared Protected Landscape.

Cabo Peñas

The Cabo Peñas

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There are few places in the Iberian Peninsula where land, sea and sky are confused in perfect harmony. The natural environment that surrounds Cabo Peñas is made up of more than 14 square kilometers of nature in its purest state, and in the superior levels, where the marine influence does not arrive, the dominant landscape is the wide meadows.

It is for all this that the three green beaches can be made a large number of activities in addition to the strictly t-shirts, because its marine and terrestrial environment is one of the most appropriate in Asturias for scuba diving, horse riding, mountain biking, sport fishing or even paragliding. So enjoying the beaches of Verdicio forces the excursion and nature sports. The unique environment of the coast asks us to shout.



Getting there:

The beaches of Verdicio have two access roads from the AS-328 between Cabo Peñas and Avilés, both signposted in the vicinity of the town of Verdicio. The one that we find in its south-western end has a small parking area next to the beach and before the entrance to the urbanization "Los Cuetos"; It is also possible to park the vehicle in the meadows of the cliff that closes the beach on the left, whose path allows you to go down on foot to La Aguilera, otherwise only accessible from the beach of Verdicio at low tide. Entering on the opposite side, you come to a meadow located just above the sandy area, where you can park. The Aguilera has exclusively pedestrian access.

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