Terms and conditions of sale

Asturias Paraíso Gourmet SL / B74297516

Asturias Paraíso Gourmet S.L (hereinafter THE SELLER), through its physical store "Sabores de Aqui", located at Marqueses de Argüelles Street 26, in Ribadesella, 33560, Asturias, is the company in charge of shipping the products. purchased in our online store: asturias.com/tienda

Summary of conditions

Below, all the assumptions that affect the regulation of the buying and selling process on our site are broken down and detailed, but in order to simplify and help clarify the most important issues, we summarize them as follows:

Asturias.com/tienda is a multiseller platform where different regional producers They offer quality Asturian products for sale under a simplified purchasing system and with all the legal guarantees. The Shipping & Returns They are assumed directly by the seller of the product, and estimated delivery times that exceed 72 working hours will be clarified in the product file and in the shopping cart itself to avoid misunderstandings. Any incident in this sense or in any other related to the shipping process (external process to our digital platform), will usually affect private sellers and they will be the ones who have to resolve them in direct contact with the buyer. In any case, the responsibilities assumed by Asturias.com/tienda include the guardianship of the entire purchase process and, where appropriate, returns, so that unwanted circumstances do not occur by the parties. In addition, for greater guarantee and buyer satisfaction, Asturias.com/tienda is concerned with adding to its platform only those producers and processors proven by the quality of their products and services, as well as any other that, meeting all legal requirements, offers artisan and / or culinary quality articles. At the same time, Asturias.com/tienda carefully supervises the products and lots that are finally sold on our platform, with the aim that both the shopping experience and the purchase are something exclusive.

Multi-vendor Platform

ASTURIAS.COM/STENDA IS A MULTI-SELLER PLATFORM, where third parties: USERS / SELLERS / BUYERS, offer and / or demand directly and on their own, various products with all the support and security of the Asturias.com site (the Site ).

THE MULTI-SENDER PLATFORM is a commercial web application through which the Site provides an interactive service of intermediation of third-party products, through the publication of offers, promotions of goods and subsequent transaction with the demand.

Obligations and conditions of sale of the Sellers

The SELLER offers its products directly on the Site, after verification by ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA of the quality, availability and reliability, among other products offered. The commercial use or the name of third parties are accepted only if they are registered and have the conditions required and accepted by ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA.

The SELLER must have the capacity to offer its products as a natural or legal person and to bind it under the terms of this Agreement. By accepting the Terms and Conditions of ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA, you are granted a non-transferable and revocable license to use the platform, by virtue of the Terms and Conditions described and accepted, for the purpose of selling items offered directly on the Site .

THE SELLER will be fully responsible for the publication and sale of its products, their prices, characteristics, shipping methods, responsibility for replacement in case of breakage, guarantees, expiration, etc. By publishing a product on the platform, the SELLER expressly consents to the use of the various means of payment available to pay for the product offered and undertakes not to modify the sale price of the product at all.

The SELLER who offers products on the MULTI-SELLER PLATFORM, will make available to BUYERS information about the products, such as:

Product name.
Quantity of existing products.
Conditions of shipment and transport of the products.
Digitized images of the products (according to the graphic standards of ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA).
The sale price and, where appropriate, the validity of the offer.
Brand and model of the products.
Product description.
Warranty (terms and conditions).
Technical characteristics of the product.

ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA will request the SELLER the pertinent legal and business documentation, in order to corroborate the personal data, as well as to be able to temporarily or permanently suspend that SELLER whose data could not be confirmed.

ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA reserves the right to reject any application for registration or to cancel a previously accepted registration, without being obliged to communicate or state the reasons for its decision and without generating any right to compensation or compensation. It will also have the power to notify or not changes in the same term and conditions without prior notice or consent of the SELLER in any of the sections or even on the platform itself.

Any violation of these Terms and Conditions will lead to the immediate revocation of the license granted to the SELLER without prior notice. In cases of disqualification, all published articles will be removed, as well as the offers made, without giving you any rights.

Shipping & Returns

The products offered by THE SELLER will be delivered directly by him or withdrawn from the place previously provided. At the time of purchase, the BUYER will be clearly indicated who will be in charge of delivering the product, as well as the estimated delivery times -by default between 24 and 72 business hours for Spain and Portugal– and your billing details, through the use of emails and notifications by other means to be determined.

For purchases over €70, and always for shipments within the peninsula and orders that do not exceed 10 kg. of weight, the shipping costs will be free.

For shipments to Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Switzerland) the estimated delivery times of the order are 4 or 5 working days.

For shipments to Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic and Switzerland) the estimated delivery times of the order are 4 or 5 working days.

For Sendungen nach Europa (Deutschland, Österreich, Belgien, Dänemark, Frankreich, Italien, Luxemburg, Niederlande, Poland, Portugal, Tschechien und Schweiz) beträgt die voraussichtliche Lieferzeit der Bestellung 4 oder 5 Werktage.

For les expeditions vers l'Europe (Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Danemark, France, Italie, Luxembourg, Pays-Bas, Pologne, le Portugal, République tchèque et Suisse) les délais de livraison estimés de la commande sont de 4 ou 5 days ouvres.

Per le spedizioni en Europa (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Lussemburgo, Paesi Bassi, Poland, Portogallo, Repubblica Ceca e Svizzera) and times of consignment estimated from the order are 4 or 5 working days.

As established by current tax regulations, THE BUYER may request an invoice or ticket from THE SELLER as proof of the operation. This will be obliged to issue an invoice or ticket.

Most sellers agree to ship within two to three business days of purchase. These will be the estimated transit times unless otherwise stated in the seller's policies.

In any case, delivery times are not guaranteed and actual performance varies according to THE SELLER. Any question about shipping must be contacted directly to THE SELLER, although it can be asked through the mediation of Asturias.com/tienda, by phone at 985 86 14 17, through the WhatsApp system implemented in the online store, or by email: info@asturias.com.

In cases of order cancellation, both parties (SELLER and ASTURIAS.COM/STENDA) will be notified by mail and / or other means to confirm said cancellation. The same will happen with reserved orders (24 hours) and payments in process or rejected.

Upon having evidence of any incident, ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA, in contact with the SELLER, will protect the return process or any other matter that causes problems in the purchase process.

Our responsibility

We will make our best efforts to ensure the availability, without interruptions, of the Services of ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA, as well as the absence of errors in any transmission of information that may take place. However, due to the very nature of the Internet, such extremes cannot be guaranteed.

ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA will not be responsible for (i) any losses that were not attributable to any breach on its part, (ii) business losses (including lost profits, income, contracts, anticipated savings, data, loss of goodwill or unnecessary expenses incurred), nor of (iii) any indirect or consequential losses that were not reasonably foreseeable by both parties at the time the user had started to use the Services of ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA. Nor will we be responsible for any delay or failure to comply with our obligations arising from these conditions if such delay or failure to comply is attributable to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. This provision does not affect the customer's right to receive the product or the provision of the corresponding service within a reasonable period of time, or to receive the appropriate reimbursement in the event that we are unable to supply such products or services within a reasonable period of time for any reason beyond our control. reasonable control.

Store Users

The ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA Services are only available to people who have the legal capacity to contract and are over 18 years of age. We do not sell products to minors. The children's products we sell must be purchased by adults. Minors under 18 years of age may only use the Services of ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

The use of the personal data of ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA is subject to the general privacy policy of the ASTURIAS.COM Site (https://asturias.com/politica-de-privacidad), so its acceptance is necessary to be able to acquire products offered on the platform, to register as a user of the Site or to be able to express opinions or comments on the products for sale.

The USER will access their personal account on the website, by entering their email or username together with the chosen personal password. The user undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of his Password.

If fraudulent and / or malicious use is verified or suspected and / or contrary to these Terms and Conditions and / or contrary to good faith, by any registered USER ACCOUNT, ASTURIAS.COM/TIENDA will have the unappealable right to give by terminating the relationship, cancel the accounts and even collaborate judicially to prosecute the offenders without having to take responsibility for their wrongdoing.