Sablón viewpoint

Surely someone has already recommended it to you and you still have it among your pending destinations. If so, you shouldn't think too much about it. As soon as you can, you should go to the Sablón viewpoint and sit down to enjoy the wild beauty of the Asturian coast without rush or distractions. You won't need to check your watch or your cell phone, you will enter a kind of very relaxing visual trance, so much so that the rigid bench will end up seeming more comfortable than the sofa at home. Sunrise or sunset, calm or stormy, you choose. That will be the movie you always wanted to see in 3D.

Photographs: © Roberto Molero on Flickr

Latitude: 43.5811386 Length: -6.2489891
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In recent years, the expression has proliferated “the most beautiful bank in the world”. A multitude of websites make lists with the ranking of these banks, located in places with amazing landscapes. In Spain the Galician of Loiba or Riaño are often quoted... but we are talking about an international phenomenon with "best banks in the world" in Austria, the United Kingdom, the USA, Jordan or Iceland.

All of them have had a tough competitor, on Instagram the photos multiply by thousands of the y from the bench of the Mirador del Sablón, in Cudillero, Asturias. Pictures of a fabulous coastline, in a practically virgin state, which is still largely unknown to many despite the fact that its cliffs could be the most beautiful and natural in the entire Cantabrian Sea.

Aspiring bank with the best views in the world, this bank will occupy the position number 1 for many. It all depends on the eyes with which you look at it. In any case, we are talking without hesitation about one of the best viewpoints in Asturias, which is saying a lot.

An exceptional place, in short, which is integrated into the famous Oviñana Cliffs Route, in the fantastic environment of the Cabo Vidio.

Sablón viewpoint

How to get to the Sablón Viewpoint

We have it pretty easy. Once we access the population of Oviñana, located about 10 kilometers from the town of Cudillero, we will park the car (if possible in this same town) and we will walk. At most we can cross the town and reach the nearby Cueva beach viewpoint, where we will also find a parking area with about ten spaces. We must bear in mind that the closer we get in the car, the more crowded the place unnecessarily and the more difficulties we will have to park.

This first viewpoint also has a bench and, in addition, a fishing boat, the Aldebarán, one of the oldest in Asturias; restored and placed here to honor all the sailors who lost their lives at sea. The image of this boat and the sea in the background is unique and well deserves that we recreate ourselves for a while in it.

Sablón viewpoint

From the viewpoint of the Cave we take a path which departs to the west, always leaving the sea to our right. Let's go calmly and take a deep breath. For about 10 minutes we follow the indications "Mirador del Sablón", you can't miss it. After traveling a few 500 meters and after having enjoyed already incredible panoramic views, we reached the final stretch, a few but impressive meters not suitable for people with vertigo. The path becomes a little narrower, somewhat stony and with a certain slope. Taking into account that there are no protective fences, we must move forward without fear but with prudence, especially if we go with children.

Once we reached the bank, we only have sit on the very edge of the cliff.

When is the best time to visit the Mirador del Sablón

Given the growing success of the place, especially during praise Sunsets of the summer season, it is best to approach him, if possible, in autumn or in spring, when there is less influx and the sun sets a little earlier but also with great intensity. if we do it in summer and we don't have time to wait for the others to take their obligatory photos, the best thing to do is to get up early and enjoy a dawn unrepeatable and less requested.

Both at sunrise and sunset, the coast presents its warmest and, at times, supernatural tones.

At any rate any time of the day is good to visitThere will always be different shades of light, different states of the sea, the waves breaking on beaches and rocks, different clouds painted on the horizon, dark clouds, light clouds that filter the sun's rays with a divine and "miraculous" touch, mist, seagulls, boats and sails in the distance... We are talking about a bank that always offers us very good views, so much so that on perfectly clear days we can glimpse, in addition to La Vallina beach and the entire coastal plain up to Luarca, the great projection of Stake of Bars, the northernmost point of the peninsula in the distant province of A Coruña.

The Mirador is located in a space that is no less fascinating and with other possible nearby routes of great beauty, all dominated by the presence of the Cabo Vidio. You can discover these routes in the following report.


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We forgot, the bench has a plaque on its back with a beautiful poem from Gozoniego Aurelio Gonzalez Ovies which comes in handy to conclude this text.

the sea rises,
who could live with such eagerness;
who could hug you
with such impetus