Rural Women's Day of Asturias 2023

Rural Women's Day of Asturias 2023



Rural Women's Day of Asturias 2023
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    October 15 is celebrated Rural Women's Day of Asturias, an event that will be held in Luarca in 2023.

    In this event, the 'Rural Woman of Asturias 2023' award is presented to María Teresa 'Teté' Costales, it will also feature several talks on the relationship between the rural world and science, and will close with a musical performance by the students from the Conservatory of Music of Western Asturias.

    11:30 am Inauguration of the day.
    Mr. Óscar Pérez Suárez. Mayor of the Valdés City Council.
    Mr. Belarmino Fernández Fervienza. President of READER.
    Mr. Javier Nievas Andrés. Head of Rural Affairs at Caja Rural de Asturias.
    Mrs. Carolina Gutiérrez Ansótegui. Deputy Director General of Rural Environment Promotion of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
    Mr. Marcelino Marcos Líndez. Minister of Rural Environment and Agrarian Policy of the Principality of Asturias.

    11:50 am. “From the rural world to the scientific world: Breaking barriers”
    Mrs. Rosa Menéndez López. CSIC research professor at INCAR.

    12:00 hours. Round table “Rural women and Science”
    Ms. Margarita Fdez. Wed. Archaeologist from the University of Oviedo.
    Ms. Lucía González Cuesta. Astrophysics. Allande Stars.
    Ms. Marlén López Fernández. Architect. Biomimetic Laboratory.
    Mrs. Mar Delgado Sánchez. Biologist. Senior scientist of the CSIC at the IMIB.
    Moderated by Mrs. Sonia Avellaneda Casielles. Journalist.

    13:15 p.m. Presentation of the Rural Woman of the Year 2023 Award
    Receives Mrs. María Teresa “Teté” Costales Obaya. (Lastres, Colunga).

    · Reading of the jury's ruling.
    · Video about the winner.
    · Award ceremony.
    · Words from the winner.

    13:45 p.m. Closure.
    Mrs. Gimena Llamedo González. Vice President and Counselor of the Presidency, Demographic Challenge, Equality and Tourism of the Principality of Asturias.

    14:00 p.m. Musical performance by students of the Municipal Professional Conservatory of Western Asturias

    ·· Chamber music trio:
    Mrs. Inés Ortiz Fernández (flute)
    Ms. Macarena Ramírez Rubio (flute)
    Mrs. Dolores Quintana Pérez (cello)

    ·· Guitar duo:
    Ms. María Amparo Candela Fernández
    Ms. Naroa García Fernández.

    ·· Piano:
    Mrs. Inés Vicario Menéndez.

    14:30 p.m. Appetizer

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