Recipe beef governed Oviedo style

Recipe beef governed Oviedo style

Tasty traditional cuisine

Updated on 31 January 2024
Recipe beef governed Oviedo style

    Tasty traditional cuisine

    Did you know…?
    “Everyday” stewed meat was formerly called chigre meat, tavern meat, battalion meat… The name governed meat (very formerly, governed), is due to the fact that govern, in one of its meanings, means “do things with care and attention” and if they are food, they excite the appetite and nourish appropriately.

    This name for stewed meat is deeply rooted in Oviedo.

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    At gastronomic menu of La Ascensión -one of the relevant signs of the culinary calendar of Asturias- there is: seasonal vegetable stew, meat ruled the Oviedo style and a cheesecake with cherries. In all the Oviedo hospitality establishments we will find the same menu at this massive spring fair.

    Ascension Fair

    The Ascension Fair

    The Ascension is a celebration deeply rooted in the Asturian capital. Its origin dates back to…

    The recipe will be tastier if we use PGI Asturian beef. We can use different cuts: blood sausage, shoulder or chamón, always cut into intermediate pieces, neither large nor very small.* We never recommend fattening the sauce with flour.

    Ruled meat ingredients

    • 1 kg of beef to stew
    • 2 onions
    • 2 cloves of garlic
    • 1 red pepper
    • ½ green pepper
    • White wine or brandy
    • Peppers
    • Buy
    • Sal Island

    Ruled meat recipe

    1· Cut the meat into medium pieces. Then it is marinated with garlic and salt and fried round and round in oil. Sauté the onions, garlic and peppers in that oil, like a ratatouille. Next, it is added to the casserole, where the meat will already be.

    2· Cover everything with broth or water, and water it with a splash of strong white wine or brandy. Finally, cook over moderate heat until the meat is soft (not falling apart).

    3· Adjust the salt and let it rest for approximately 1 hour.

    In many recipe books it is recommended to incorporate some already cooked peas, some small diced potatoes, some pieces of roasted red pepper, etc.

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