Ornithological path of the Güeña river

Nature in its purest form

The council of Onís is home to one of the most colorful ornithological trails in Asturias. It is a river path that runs parallel to the Güeña river.

With very easy access and a simple route, it allows us to see a large number of birds and at the same time visit a beautiful riverside forest.

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Latitude: 43.3373756 Length: -4.9751492
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Learning about birds is more rewarding in settings like this, as it is suitable for all ages and is especially valid for children's learning. We are talking about a small sustainable tourism adventure, a foray into the world of ornithology through pure observation, without any type of direct interference with the observed species.

The Güena River

The environment of the Gueña river, an oxygenated and pure river that rises in the summits of the Picos de Europa and pours its waters into the Sella, guarantees a great environmental wealth. In Onís, the river section for ornithology has made it possible to recover an old disused neighborhood path that is ideal for starting out in this activity, as it hardly exceeds the kilometer and a half of travel.

A space that we will travel without haste and with the respectful disposition that this type of observation demands; to the "visual hunt" of a great variety of birds: woodcocks, dippers, green woodpeckers, robins, blackcaps, tits, tawny owls, thrushes, chickadees and many other specimens typical of these ecosystems; as is also the gray heron, that solitary bird that we can discover in the waters of the river at any time of the day, feeding on fish, amphibians or insects.

The ornithological route

The route, included in the Tourism Sustainability Plan of the municipality of Onís, part of Tullidi, a tourist and environmental information area attached to Benia de Onís that also houses the Interpretation Center of the Bearded Vulture Mountains. This center is well worth a separate visit to learn more about the birds, their behaviors and their biology. From here the path runs along the river. We immediately see the importance of wildlife that emerges at every step. The binoculars They will be of great help to observe the birds in detail, but it will also be extremely important to maintain an attitude of patience and wait throughout the itinerary. Here it is not intended to face a route in a certain time. On the contrary, it is about enjoy leisurely of a small enclave of nature loaded with sensory rewards.

Ornithological path of the Güeña river

The trail has been equipped with bird feeders, observatories and specific sighting points, as well as explanatory panels of everything that surrounds us and we can see clearly; and of many other things that surround us but that we will only discover with adequate attention. In addition to birds, we are provided with information on the insects of the place, the autochthonous fauna and flora, the species of trees that we find in the riverside forests and its surroundings. For example the ash tree, that deciduous tree of the oleaceae family that is highly appreciated by shepherds for its elastic and resistant wood to make utensils, whose leaves are also used for cattle fodder or to make infusions against colds.

On our way we will also find a water mill, once very common throughout the Cantabrian coast, which took advantage of the water currents to turn it into a mechanical force for sharpeners, fulling mills and from the XNUMXth century, with the introduction of corn, for grinding. of the grain.

Interesting information

The route can easily be done on your own, although there is the possibility of hiring a tour with a guide and sighting material: binoculars and a spyglass.

How long does it last? 1,3 km long and the time depends on how much you enjoy enjoying the species.
When can it be done? All year.
It is accessible? No.
Route especially recommended for families with children.

the guided route

The Onís City Council has begun to offer the Ornithological Trail of the Güeña River in a guided by Guillermo Arregui, the new informant of the Tourist Office and Qualified Guide. With him, tourists will be able to learn the secrets of the birds and plants that live in the Güeña River and enjoy a beautiful walk.

  • Time: 18.00 hours.
  • Start route: Visitor Center Montañas del Quebrantahuesos
  • Adults: €3, Children: €2,50
  • Duration: 1 hour

BOOK online through the Onís Ecoturismo website Guided tour of the Güeña river


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