La Malva Hydraulic Power Plant

La Malva Hydraulic Power Plant

Water falls in Somiedo

Updated on 21 October 2022
La Malva Hydraulic Power Plant

    Water falls in Somiedo

    In the natural park of Somiedo, ...

    Latitude: 43.1166496 Length: -6.2521219
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    In the heart of the Somiedo natural park, the waters of the El Valle river and the Sousas river turbines have been moving for more than a century from the La Malva plant (EdP).
    It was the first great generator of AsturiasToday, with its average annual production, it can supply electricity to more than 10.000 homes.

    Recently, in 2017 the centenary was commemorated of its construction attended King Felipe VI. Since that year the central was opened to the public allowing the visit to part of its facilities. In these visits, the importance of the lakes and the water in this area crossed by more than 20 km is implied. of channels that move the turbines of La Malva.

    Its importance is because it is one of the oldest Spanish power plants that still continues to produce energy today, its charming industrial design from the early twentieth century with a modernist touch and its location make it a relevant building.

    Malva Central Visits

    Visits to EDP's production centers they are free.
    Remember that you must request your visit at least 3 days in advanceGuided tours are conducted in groups of up to 10 people and the use of a mask is mandatory throughout the tour.
    To request the visit you must write to the mail:

    Malva recreational area

    Halfway between Pola de Somiedo and Castro, very close to the La Malva reservoir and power station. It has a small parking lot, fountain, benches and wooden tables. It is also the starting point of the Castro PR.AS-13 route.

    Photo Somiedo Town Hall.
    Source: EDP.

    Text: © Ramón Molleda for Copyright Ramón Molleda

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