MTB route from Benia de Onís to Siempreverde

MTB route from Benia de Onís to Siempreverde

By bike through the Asturian paradise

MTB route from Benia de Onís to Siempreverde

By bike through the Asturian paradise

Touring the Onís council by bicycle is always a double pleasure, that of playing sports and doing it in such a wonderful setting, with places that will not cease to surprise you, and with names as evocative and so appropriate to the color of this council as "always green". ».

Varied, relaxing and captivating landscape: typical villages, Asturian countryside, forests and cabins in the highest areas, and the beautiful Intriago plain in the lower and flat area.

Latitude: 43.3370552 Length: -4.9755297
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This circular route It reaches a distance of about 20 kilometers, it is an affordable route to enjoy with the family, although not for mountain bike beginners.

Although relatively short, this BTT route presents two strong climbs, of 175 and 200 meters of unevenness and another more bearable and gradual ascent towards the end of the excursion.

The route runs through the border area between the councils of Onís and Cangas de Onís, and its most technical part corresponds to the ascent through the forest of Llevandes, where we have to take a caleya in disuse to descend to plain with. This is one of the most beautiful areas of the route, a wooded area of ​​chestnut and oak trees.

In the "chigre" (typical Asturian shop-bar) in Llanu de Con we can regain strength before starting a second climb: the track that ascends to the Picuetu, where on clear days we can enjoy wonderful views of the Picos de Europa. We then descend to Intriago, here we also enjoy good views of the council of Cangas de Onís. We will deviate through the vega towards City, where we finally take the Siempreverde track to return to Benia. We do it through a new climb that will be the last; unless you take the shortcut to sirviella Through the forest, crossing the watering hole. In this case we will save a couple of kilometers and the final climb of 75 meters of unevenness.

Interesting information

Itinerary: Benia – Pandellavandes – Llanos de Con- El Picuetu – Intriago – Vega de Intriago – Mestas – Siempreverde – Sirviella

Firm type: Tractor tracks through forests and open country, agricultural gravel tracks (with concrete sections) and 2 short asphalt sections (30% in total).

Start and end: Quebrantahuesos Interpretation Center car park

Length: 19 km

elevation gain: 775m

Maximum altitude: 380m

Tour type: Circular

Suitable for families with children and adolescents who already know how to ride a mountain bike, NOT for beginners.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The old caleya that connects Pandellevandes and Llanu de Con is not well maintained in its initial part, so you may have to take the bike from the branch in some section. When you reach a closed farm with a gate, continue along a path to the right parallel to the farm. If the pass is closed with wire, you can still go through (it's only to prevent the animals from going down to the town) but remember to close it when passing!

RECOMMENDATIONS: On rainy days there is usually a lot of mud in the caleyas, especially in wooded areas or areas covered by hazelnut trees.

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