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Christmas in Cangas de Onís 2022

Christmas in Cangas de Onís 2022

Christmas in Cangas de Onís 2022

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    Here we share with you all the agenda of recreational activities that you can enjoy this Christmas in Cangas de Onís.

    · 3 30 to the December in the church of San Pedro de Villanueva will be held the 22nd edition of the Christmas Concert Series Ramon Prada Vicente. This year it will feature Asturian, Cantabrian and Galician choirs, breaking participation records. Thirteen concerts will be offered beginning at 18:30 p.m.

    · Choir Brisas de Amió de Pechón (Cantabria) on Saturday December 3rd.
    · The Ribadedeva Choir December 8,
    · The Cultural Association of Ponga December 9,
    · Choir La Fuentina de Ribadesella December 10,
    · The Choral Association Ecos de Onís December 11,
    · The Musical Chapel Choir Palacio Meres and Schola Cantorum Virgen del Carbayu December 14,
    · The Polyphonic Choir of Asturias Cruz de la Victoria December 15,
    · The Arriondas Polyphonic Choir December 16,
    · The Orfeón de San Lorenzo December 18,
    · The Choral Society La Felguera Maestro Lozano and the Choir Amigos de la Ribera December 23,
    · The SondeNós Vocal Sextet of Galicia December 26,
    · The Orfeón de Castrillón December 27,
    · The Choir Peña Santa Ramon Prada Vicente December 30.

    · I Contest of Christmas lighting and decoration of shop windows.
    The Contest will reward the best lighting and decoration inspired by the Christmas theme. Open to all commercial establishments, hotels and other businesses with a window to the streets of Cangas de Onís. Registration until December 16 at: directorcultura@cangasdeonis.com

    · Christmas park
    The tent in Plaza Camila Beceña from December 23 to January 8, will open every day (except December 25, January 1 and 6) between 16:21 p.m. and 24:31 p.m. On December 11 and 14, the hours will be from 16 a.m. to 20 p.m. and from XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX p.m. Admission will be free and access will be made by making a voluntary contribution that the City Council will give to Cáritas and the Red Cross, which will go to families in the council at risk of energy poverty.

    Friday 9 December
    · From 18:00 to 20:00. elves photocall. House of Culture
    20:00 p.m. Young leisure. I Christmas Football Tournament. Municipal sports center.
    20:00 p.m. Young leisure. Movie marathon and popcorn. House of Culture

    Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 December
    · 17: 00 h. Christmas Workshop. House of Culture.

    Thursday December 15
    · 18: 00 h. ballet festival. House of Culture.

    Friday 16 December
    · From 18:00 to 20:00. Christmas workshop in charge of the Emburria Association.
    20:00 p.m. Young leisure. ballet festival. Municipal sports center.
    20:00 p.m. Young leisure. Smoothies and desserts workshop. House of Culture

    Sunday December 18
    · 09: 00 h. Cumbres Nativity Scene in Peña Hibéu. Leaving from the Santa Cruz Chapel. Organized by the Peña Santa Mountain Group.

    Tuesday December 20
    · 19: 30 h. XXXI Festival of Christmas Carols "Ciudad Cangas de Onís". Church of Santa Maria de Cangas de Onis. Choir of the Municipal School of Music of Cangas de Onís, Choir of Covadonga and Choir Peña Santa - Ramón Prada.
    · 20: 30 h. Gala of the sport of Cangas de Onís. Classroom of the Kingdom.
    Award ceremony and recognition to sportsmen, sponsors and outstanding sports personalities.

    Wednesday December 21
    · 19: 30 h. Christmas concert of the Municipal School of Music. House of Culture.

    Thursday December 22
    · 19: 00 h. Children's Theater: Royal Academy of True Love, from Dantea Theatre. House of Culture.

    Friday December 23
    20:00 p.m. Young leisure. Climbing and self defense. Municipal sports center.

    Saturday December 24
    · 12:00 p.m. a few small leprechauns will visit Cangas de Onís and will accompany the Christmas Train. They will receive Santa Claus and help him deliver gifts.
    · 18: 00 h. Visit of Santa Claus. It will descend from the Town Hall Clock Tower and will tour the streets of the town for the enjoyment of all children.

    Friday December 30
    · 17: 00 h. San Silvestre solidarity. Start/finish in front of the Town Hall. Categories for all ages. Organized by the Cangas de Onís Athletics Club and the Municipal Sports Board.
    20:00 p.m. Young leisure. Escape room. House of Culture.
    · Visit the towns of the municipality of Aliatar, the postman of SS Majesties The Magi from the East collecting the letters of the children.

    Tuesday 3 de Enero
    · 18: 00 h. Aliatar's visit, the postman of SS Majesties The Three Kings of the East. Aliatar will collect the letters from the children in the Assembly Hall of the Town Hall.

    Thursday 5 de Enero
    · 18: 00 h. Cavalcade of SS Majesties the Three Kings of the East through the streets, starting at CP Reconquista and finishing at the Church of Santa María.

    · Exhibition at the House of Culture
    Until December 30 "The Spanish legacy in the US", Ministry of Defense and The Legacy. "Covadonga, 1.300 years creating paths", Association of Designers of Asturias.