Birthplace of the Marquis of Sargadelos

Birthplace of the Marquis of Sargadelos

The character and his time

Updated on 21 October 2022
Birthplace of the Marquis of Sargadelos

Knowing the history first-hand also includes visiting the houses where the great men of his time were born.Those who even had a portrait of Goya, as is the case, and who, after a fruitful business and social activity, ended up lynched under the accusation of "Frenchified", as happened to our protagonist in 1809 during the Spanish War of Independence.

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Latitude: 43.2473907 Length: -7.0108223
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Raymond Ibanez, Marquis of Sargadelos (1749-1809), was a merchant and industrialist of his time, especially known for devising and founding the Sargadelos ceramic factory, model of the first industrial capitalism in Spain. He also promoted trade, the basis of his fortune, both by sea and in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula, mainly in flax and alcohol, at the same time that he managed several mines. What's more, promoted encyclopedism and introduced from Europe several important technological innovations for its factories.

A museum that is a house

The birthplace of this illustrious person is in Ferreirela de Baxo (Santa Eulalia de Oscos). It's a museum belonging to the network of ethnographic museums of Asturias and is dedicated to his life and work. The exhibition highlights the connection of this character to his native land, where an important wrought iron industry has existed since ancient times. In our visit also We will know first-hand the traditional Asturian architecture of the West, the way of life of yesteryear, the traditions, customs and subsistence economy of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.

The building is an old two-story house reformed in 1774. On the upper floor, different atmospheres characteristic of the house in the area are recreated: the patio, dedicated to multiple uses (slaughter of the pig, farm implements, etc.); the lareira, the main room of the house with the oven, the seats and kitchen utensils; the fora room, a bedroom with different furniture; the large room or living room, used as a bedroom and dining room at parties and celebrations; and the small room, which leads to the ground floor. Several panels distributed throughout the rooms contain information about the house and its surroundings, a biography of Ibáñez and a reproduction of the portrait that Francisco de Goya made of him between 1805 and 1808.

On the ground floor there is a stay dedicated to the textile industry, an activity in which Ibáñez did business: he imported flax from the Baltic, distributed it to the houses of the region and finally collected the finished product. Another room shows a selection of objects produced in the Royal Sargadelos Factories, mainly earthenware of all times (plates, dishes, cups ...). The set is completed with the forxa or forge and the cellar, both located in the corrada or corral.

In Mazonovo, 2 km from Ferreirela de Baxo, They can take the opportunity to visit a set of hydraulic mallet and forge workshop dating from the XNUMXth century, which remains as in the past and favors the understanding of the iron industry and the times of the Marquis.

The factories that our character founded in Sargadelos they continued to operate until 1875, being auctioned in 1878. The noble title of Marquis was granted to him after his death, as it could not be processed before and is currently preserved among his descendants. In 2004 the Association "Friends of Mr. Antonio Raimundo Ibáñez, Marqués de Sargadelos" was founded in Santa Eulalia de Oscos, dedicated to his memory and the study of his legacy.



From July 1 to September 12 guided tours: 11: 30-12: 30-13: 30-16: 30-17: 30-18: 30 h. Sunday afternoon and Monday CLOSED.

Maximum capacity 25 people (according to Covid regulations).

Price: Adult: € 3/10 to 16 years: € 1.50 / Children under 10 years free.
Groups from 20 people: € 2.

Ferreirela de Abajo s / n, 33776, Santa Eulalia de Oscos

GPS Coordinates: 43 ° 14'50.7 "N 7 ° 00'42.0" W

Educational visits are also made for schools and associations.
For group visits, call Telf: 676 814 094/985 621 295.

Artisan workshops and ethnographic workshops are held for adults and children from July 1 to September 6 or any other date on demand for groups.

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