Asturian frixuelos recipe

Asturian frixuelos recipe

Our most international dessert

Updated on 31 January 2024
Asturian frixuelos recipe

    Our most international dessert

    Frixuelos are also called pancakes, crepes… in other places, but they are practically the same, sweet or savory, the basis of their elaboration is the same. Our frixuelos are sweet crepes made from milk, egg, flour and sugar.. They are a typical dessert in times close to the Carnival or Antroxu. There are people who fill them with pastry creams, cream, hot chocolate and a variety of fillings that make them rise in calories.

    Frixuelo ingredients

  • · 200 grams of flour
  • · 4 eggs
  • 1/2 liter of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Anise
  • · Pinch of salt
  • Frixuelos recipe · How to make frixuelos as they are made in Asturias?

    1 Put all the ingredients in a container. First the eggs, then the sugar, a drop of anise if we like, the milk and a pinch of salt.
    2 They are mixed with the blender so that there are no lumps and leave rest for at least 1 hour in the fridge or cool place.
    3· Stir a little with a spoon, if it is wooden it is better.
    4· It starts heat a non-stick pan with a little butter or a little oil, very little, that is not noticed later, and put a spoonful of the dough.
    5· Spread over the pan creating a thin layer. It gilds on both sides.

    Asturian recipe books

    If you want to know first-hand Asturian recipes, simple but very delicious, we recommend buying the book «25 years of Guisanderas de Asturias» and the book "The Art of Cooking", written by the famous cook María Luisa García and currently republished.

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